Monday, September 29, 2008

Pray for our dear friends, Missael & Judy

If you are reading this blog, please take a moment and pray for our friends Missael and Judy. They are a young couple and both are new believers in Christ. Our small group at church has been discipling them over for the last several months.

This past Sunday, September 28 their 3 week old daughter died unexpectedly. Please lift them before the throne of Jesus Christ and pray that He would comfort them during this incredibly difficult time. Pray that they would grieve, but not like those who have not hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). For we have the greatest hope of all, the risen and exalted Savior.

In Christ-

Joey & Page

Tummy Tracker - Week 17

Here is the Tummy Tracker for week 17. Sorry we missed week 16, but it has been absolutely crazy in the Craft household.

Page's belly is growing. Maternity clothes are starting to become the norm!! Praise God that He is knitting together our precious little child.

We had to change our appointment to find out the sex of our baby until next Thursday, October 9. This is not for any medical reasons, but so we could be there for Missael and Judy (see the above post) during the funeral. So we all will have to keep waiting in anticipation.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

Happy 11th Brithday Logan!!! We are sorry that we cannot be there with you to celebrate, but we wanted to send a video to show you how much we LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ahhh....Puerto Vallarta

This blog post is coming to you from the land of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We arrived last night and spent the day in the sun today (after an overcast morning).

Here are the Crafts and the Knights the first night at dinner.

Here is the crew sitting under the tiki hut at the beach. It is a rough life down here!

Unfortunately, we got upgraded to the Penthouse suite only after 1 day in our 2 bedroom condo :-) We were supposed to move to the Penthouse on Monday night, but for some reason, they moved us up only after 1 night. This is us sitting at the pool...make that our own private pool on the 3rd floor overlooking the waves crashing on the beach.

After a trip to Costco we now have plenty of grub to eat. Our taxi driver, Lucia, was nice enough to take us to Costco, let us use his membership, wait on us, and then bring us back home.

The first day has been great. The weather is a little bit tricky as it is the 'rainey' season. By God's providence, He gave us sunshine today and we pray for more to come. The rain is actually nice as it cools things off a bit in the evening.

Adios, amigos!
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Tummy Tracker Week 15

Here is Page's Tummy Tracker for week 15. You will notice the backdrop is a little bit different. Viva La Mexico!!! We are spending a week in Puerto Vallarta (a belated 5 Year Wedding Anniversary).

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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are some pictures too good not to post. The first is no way related to the other two :-)

Here is Joey holding three precious little girls. The one on the right is Laney, the daughter of Hugh and Hollie Carson. The other two, Abby (in his right arm, left side of picture) and Anna Kate (holding onto his leg), are the daughters of Larry and Stephanie Lyon. The Carson's and Lyon's had to get a picture taken so Uncle Joey had to step in and provide some quick baby sitting services. I bet Joey's Mama is dreaming of the future :-)

These are our two cats. The first is Aslan and the second is Elvis. Aslan is the wild one and Elvis is a bit more laid back (as if you couldn't tell).
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Tummy Tracker Week 14

Week 14 is upon us. We are officially into the second trimester. Also, be sure to check out the new "widget" we added to our blog (to the left). As of today, 177 days to go!!!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Part 2

Lily and Aunt Jamie.

Judah and his Mama.

All the gals + Judah. He is already a ladies man!!
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Labor Day Part 1

We were so blessed to have friends come up from Atlanta to spend the Labor Day weekend with us. David, Jamie, and Brooklyn Knight visited and so did Blake and Lindy Morris. We had a great time catching up, eating, and reminiscing. God has blessed us with so many good friends and we are so thankful!!

Brooklyn with Aunt Page.

Brooklyn going to work at the computer.

Its all smiles for Miss Priss...

Precious Lily and her Mama.
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Tummy Tracker Week 13

Okay, so here are the Tummy Tracker pictures for week 13.

For those of you who notice details, this is the first picture with maternity pants. This is good news because it means Page's belly is growing, which means the Lord is knitting together Baby Craft!

Who is pregnant? David or Page? No this is not the beginning of one of those weird "National Inquirer" stories. David has this abnormal ability to poke out his belly as though pregnant. Not sure how he found this out, but nevertheless it makes for a funny picture.
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