Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Years of Wonderful Bliss

Joey and I just celebrated 7 years of marriage. We had a fabulous date night. Below is a picture of delicious dark chocolate, flowers and a heart felt cards from Joey and Sayde. What more could a girl ask for!! I love you dearly Joey. Thank you so much for loving and serving me well through the years. I am so thankful that you are the spiritual leader of our household. May we strive to live out Ephesian 5:22-33.

We had the grand idea to go to Georgetown Cupcakes for dessert, well we were not the only ones who wanted to do this. The line was literally up the street. CRAZY!! So we decide to catch the bus and go to a local cupcake shop near us. It was great, intimate and just a walk away from home ; )) We will try Georgetown Cupcakes another time!!!

I love you!!!

Block Party Fun!!!

Shadowbrook Church sent a mission team to help RC do block parties in the area. It was great fun!!!

Play Musuem in Bethesda

While Brooklyn and Jamie were here, we took a morning and went to a new Play Museum in the area. Each room had a different theme. One room was a workshop, grocery, beauty salon, kitchen, fire station, etc. The girls had loads of fun!

Sayde loved touching the animals. She kept going back to this room.

Sarah and Sayde

While my mom was in town we got to hang out with a dear friend in the area. Sayde loves Sarah. We had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant. As you can see, Sayde loved it!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoo Time!!!

One day we decided to spend the morning at the National Zoo!!!
Sayde was giving away kisses!!

Ashley stayed on from the mission team, and spent the morning with us moms!!!Great to have an extra set of hands.

Billy Goat, Billy Goat

almost can't tell Brooklyn from Sayde.

More Sayde kisses!!

love this picture. they are best buds

Wow. Look at that

More Pictures of Brooklyn and Sayde

Check out the precious pink kitchen set that my sweet sister Brandy is letting Sayde use. What a treat! Jamie and David were kind enough to bring it up when they came. Thank you Brandy!!

PJ party!!!

Brooklyn, Bath, Beautiful Time

Just the other week, we got the awesome privilege to have David, Jamie and Brooklyn visit us for a week. It was loads of fun. Sayde thought she too was 3 years old like Brooklyn. It was so amazing to see them play with one another so well. Here are the gals on our way home from church on the 4th of July!!

Have to stop by the police man and give a high five!! Brooklyn loved doing this each time ; ))

Shadowbrook mission team joining us for Sunday worship!! What a beautiful thing!!

Bath Time!!!