Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Restoration Style

Take 2!!! We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday night. It was potluck style. We had plenty of delicious food. It was so nice to fellowship with one another. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gracious gift of Jesus Christ, that I can have a personal relationship with you!!!

Decorated and All

Say Cheese!!! Great Family shot in front of our decorated tree.
We surprised Pop-pop, while he was watching his team South Carolina Gamecocks, we dressed Sayde in her Gamecocks sweater (made by guess who, grandma-ma). He was so excited!!! They won that day, I think this sweater brings good luck!!!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Nothing like cutting down your own Christmas tree. So on Friday morning we headed out to Butler Orchard to find the perfect Christmas tree. It has been 2 years since we have had one of our very own. It was so nice to decorate our tree with mom and dad! We cranked up the Christmas music and went to trimming the tree!!!!

Thanksgiving in DC

What a treat it was to have our 1st Thanksgiving in DC with my mom and dad, the Knights and Andi's mom Deborah. We had a wonderful spread of food. It was so scrumptious!!

Sayde with Pop-pop on her 1st Thanksgiving!!!
Can't leave out Nana!!!

Yummy warm Brie and fruit as a little appetizer!!

Mom helped me set the table for this fabulous meal!!!

Sayde Chasing An Ornament

Sayde Chasing An Ornament from Joey Craft on Vimeo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eggs are just DELICIOUS!!!

Sayde has just started eating table food. Her new fav is eggs. She ate a whole scrabbled egg today. She loved every minute of it. She kept saying "uhmm".

Grandma-ma Comes for a November Visit!!!

Who's got her jail bird suit on????
Little too big for Miss Sayde right now, but with time it should fit just right. This is one of the many beautiful creations that Grandma-ma knitted for Sayde.
Date Night!!! What a treat! Joey and I got to go out on the town for dinner and dessert, while Cindy stayed home with Sayde. Thank you so much!!
Knitting at an early age!!

Here we are at the local knitting shop. Sayde was picking what color booties she wanted. We are truly spoiled. Sayde now has a brown,black, pink,hot pink and cream pair.

I love you!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Visit to the Orchard

A couple of weeks ago we had family day at Bulter's Orchard. It was a blast. We borrowed the Knight's camera and snapped away. Here are just a few of the wonderful pictures we took.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trip back to Wake Forest

We just got back from a wonderful super fast trip to WF!! It was much needed. We got to hang with our dear friends. Thank you Stephanie for opening up your home for all of us to stay. We loved every single minute of it. Boy was it nice to be surrounded by such Godly mommas!!! Okay, so I didn't take hardly any pictures. So sorry. I need to get them off facebook. Here is what I took, mostly of Miss Sayde and Steph's gals!!
Sayde loved Abby's baby doll. She was fascinated with her.
Hard to get all 3 to look at camera and smile.

Sweet Anna Kate was a huge helper!! Sayde just loved her.

Breakfast the next morning. Pumpkin pancakes, bacon and cheese and chive eggs. Delicious!!! Thank you so much Steph. You sure know how to cook!!

More pictures of Sayde...8 months and counting

So here are a couple of pictures of my sweet baby girl. She is 8 months and growing so fast.
Eating all by herself. Banana puffs!! Yummy.
Okay, pulling up on EVERYTHING!! Makes a momma very nervous!!!

Oh, I just love this picture. Doesn't she look so precious with her hat, slim fit jeans, and leopard boots. Thanks to Aunt Jamie for the boots and hat. Love it!!

Just chillin with my big hair bow!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Mom and the Gals come to Visit DC

A couple of weeks ago my mom and the gals (really we call them the "ya ya sisters") came for a DC visit. What a treat this was for me. Sayde and I got 4 days with these wonderful ladies. It was so much! Thank you so much for coming and you are welcome to visit anytime!!!
Jo Ann on the end, came in town to visit her daughter Sarah (she is in pic below) and we all got together. What a real treat this was!!
Dear friend Sarah came to join in on the fun!!! Cool thing is she lives only about 20 minutes away!

Here are the lovely ladies after they had just arrived. Beautiful!!!

I love you mom!!!

Sayde and her Nana!