Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Page's Baptism

Many of you may have seen the latest Restoration Church update video and asked yourself, "Why is Page getting baptized?" Well read below and you'll see how all this came together...

Over a period of years God has stirred greatly in my heart. At the age of 12 years old I made a profession of faith and just a few weeks later I was baptized. My life was not much different than before. Jesus was simply my ticket to heaven. Earthly desires continued to be more appealing. Throughout High School and College I lived for myself, for Page. It was not until about 6 or so years ago that my life drastically changed. My head knowledge turned into heart knowledge. I genuinely understood the Gospel and the cost. I made my Heavenly Father the Lord of my life. It has taken me many years to realize that I most likely didn’t have a true heart change at 12 years old. So I am getting baptized out of complete obedience to my God. I come professing that Jesus Christ bore God’s wrath for me, my sinful heart. That he rose again on the third day for me, that he has given my spiritual dead body new eternal life. Because of all this I get a genuine true relationship with God. Thank you God for your abundant grace!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sayde Turns 2 Today!!

My sweet precious little girl turned two today!! Boy how time flies. I have loved every minute of motherhood. Thank you so much Lord for giving me Sayde Elizabeth Craft!!! I pray for many more birthdays to share together. I love you sweet Sayde Lady!!! YOU are my love!!

Wake Forest Fun!!!

Love these Ladies so very much!! What a treat it was to get a little bit of time with them ; )

Laurie's first time on a trampoline: Go girlie!!

Just a few weeks ago, we got the treat to go back to Wake Forest and be apart of North Wake's Entermissions. What a wonderful treat it was to be amongst a Christ center church that emphasise a heart for Global missions. Just beautiful!!! Huge thanks to RC members: Laurie, Jim, Whitney, Laura and Haigh for coming along to join in the fun!!! Loved getting time with you guys.