Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let the card making begin!!!

Restoration Church's first card making event!!! Last night a large number of gals from RC came over to Sweet Lorraine's house for the first card making event. Boy, was it so much fun. You must know that Lorraine is the card making queen. She had everything all organized for us to make 6 cards during our evening event. I look forward to doing it again!!!

Pictures before the card making began

Thank you Lorraine for such a wonderful event!!! You really made it special and fun!

Nana and GiGi visit!!!

Surprise!! Once we got back from airport to pickup Nana and GiGi, we had a dozen yummy Georgetown Cupcakes delivered to our door. Oh thank you Sarah and Ryan for thinking of us while we enjoyed time with our moms!!! The cupcakes were such a nice treat--- Sayde LOVED them!!! Thank you!!

Nana and GiGi thank you for coming to visit. We loved having you here. Can't wait for you guys to come back when EllaKade arrives!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taking Care of Daddy

So this month it has been crazy in the Craft home. My poor hubby tore his Achilles Tendon and had to have surgery on it. The recovery is a long road. He will not be able to bare any weight on his right leg for a good 7 to 8 weeks (right before EllaKade arrives). Poor thing. Last week, we were stuck inside playing nurse to daddy!!! Even though this really stinks, God has graciously allowed our church family to step up and serve us oh so well. I can't say enough thank yous for all they have done. From play dates for Sayde each morning, to home-cooked meals, to emails, texts, phone calls, to even changing our cat litter!!!! Wow!! How humbling!!! Thank you RC for loving on us so well. We give God praise for you!!

Sayde My Love!!!

Sayde my love you are too cute. I just had to snap a picture of my sweet little girl (almost 2 1/2)

Bath time fun with her favorite boys!!!

Jazz in the Park

Sweet Elisha loving this picnic in the park

Megan and Alexandra looking beautiful

Look how crowded. Every Friday night they do a Jazz in park. Such a neat FREE event. So RC decided to enjoy an evening of great music, fellowship and food.

Love you sweet Andi!! My dearst DC friend!!!

8 Years of Marriage!!!

EllaKade you are in there my sweet little one (I am almost 8 months pregnant). Mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you!!!

Date night here we come!!! A little dinner at Georgia Brown's and then a coffee at Starbucks.

Gifts of love....Joey surprised me with a beautiful boutique of flowers and a love note
I surprised him with 8 things that he loves and 8 reasons I love Joey!!!
My love,
Thank you for a wonderful 8 years. I look forward to celebrating many many more with you. You are an amazing, loving and godly man, husband, father, friend and pastor. It is a true gift to have you as my husband. I love you....