Saturday, September 3, 2011

She did it, She did it!!!!

Sayde finally did it.... She went #2 in the potty!!! She has been potty training since about May, however she would not go #2. She would come to me and ask for a diaper. Well then yesterday she said, "uh oh, got to go, " so immediately I put her on the potty and she did it. I was so excited!!! Made a big deal about it!!! Then today, same thing. So for 2 days in a row, we had to do something special for the Big Girl, so we went to get cupcakes!!! Sayde loves cupcakes and can polish off one with ease. She loved it!! I am so proud of my little girl. I pray that it continues!!!

Date Night With Hubby

Sweet Brandi came over last night and gave Joey and I a much needed date night!!! It was so nice to get out with my hubby even if he is on crutches : ))

Getting Room Ready for EllaKade

So we are only 6 weeks away until EllaKade will arrive. While my mom and Cindy were here a few weeks ago, we got EllaKade's nursery all ready. Sayde will share a room with her new sister. Not so sure how soon I will attempt putting them in the room together, but sooner or later it will happen. Sayde got a new BIG GIRL comforter for her new BIG GIRL bed (thank you Nana). EllaKade will use the bedding that Sayde did, we freshened it up and added new ribbon on the ties. Thank you mom and Cindy for all your help getting the girls room ready!! We can't wait to meet Miss EllaKade. Sayde ask every day, "Mom is EllaKade here yet?" Too cute!