Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Time again for Butler Orchard.... Pumpkin picking time. Sayde would not cooperate with the photo shoot. She seemed to be scared of pumpkin patch. Not sure why. Once we went down to market, where the sold extra pumpkins, food, other things, she was fine. So here's what we got.

Bows Bows Bows

I have started a new hobby. Hair Bow making!!!

Sayde Pictures and Rayaan

One of Sayde's friends Rayaan!!! Handsome little boy!!

Restoration Church is Growing!!!

Above are pictures from our new membership class. Restoration church is growing-Praise Be to God!!! Also there are fun pictures of the kiddos at church!!!

Cupcakes for Breakfast

Yes, we did!! Sayde had a cupcake for breakfast. A little chocolate in the morning never hurt anyone. Delicious!!!

Handmade Elmo

Sweet GIGI (Joey's mom) sent this handmade Elmo to Sayde. If you didn't know, Sayde is in love with Elmo. She awakes each day asking to watch "Elmo". Thank you GIGI for sweet and precious gift!!!

The Reed"s Were In DC

Sayde caught playing under the bed. I think she was looking for the cats!

I just can't believe that while the Reed Family was here, I only took one picture. CRAZY!! I guess you guys need to visit again.....soon. Love you guys. Kate, Sayde says thank you for lov'in on her so well. You are a little mother hen.