Thursday, April 29, 2010

Posing at the Gap

The other night we were at the Gap Outlet in Downtown Alexandria, and Sayde decided to do a little posing in the front window. It was so precious to watch her. The people passing by would stop, stare, wave, laugh, even take pictures of her. She was hamming it up. I had to get a picture of my model diva!!! So Gap if you need a real live model, Sayde is willing and ready.

More pictures from Judah's B-day

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Judah's 2 year old B-day

Last Friday, we got a chance to celebrate with Judah on his 2nd b-day. His party was at a local park. The kiddos had loads of fun playing in the open grass, eating delicious PB&J sandwiches, and soaking up the gorgeous weather!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Judah. We love you bunches ; ))

Love this picture. Judah just hanging around in the tree.

Our sweet friend Xioa and son Yen. They live in Andi/Nathan's building.

Sayde loves dogs. Every time she sees one she gets so excited. Here she is giving a random dog at the park some love' in!!

Got my party clothes on!!!

Cleaning Up Turtle Park

One of the ways Restoration Church longs to serve the city, is by doing community projects. This month we helped clean a local park in the area. Thanks to all of you who came out on a Saturday to serve our city well!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New blue dress from Grandmama

This week we got a surprise in the mail. Grandmama sent Sayde a new handmade dress. We just love it. Of coarse we had to wear it the very next day and show it off. Here are some fun pictures of her beautiful new dress. Thank you Grandmama ; )))

Rainy Wednesday

So our sweet buddy Judah turns 2 this week. Happy Birthday Judah. We love you!!! Well Sayde decided to help me wrap his gift, not really she decide to get in the crate. She loved pulling out each bag and looking at it. Fun Fun : ))

Not ready to say goodbye!!

Our sweet friend Alicia is heading back to Settle, so the gals of Restoration Church decide to do a a send off dinner. We are all super sad to see her go, however we know that the Lord is guiding her steps. Alicia has been with Restoration Church from the beginning. Actually Joey and I met her while we were visiting another church in the area (she was too that Sunday). We started chatting after service, we found out that she was a member of Mars Hill Church prior to moving to DC. We shared what we were doing here in DC and then invited her over for dinner the next week. Talk about a "divine appointment," love how the Lord does that. Well, the rest is history. Alicia immediately became plugged in to what we were doing at RC. She has been a true answer to prayer. We love her dearly and appreciate the time we got with her.

You know me I love some dessert ; )) Here is my messy sundae. It really was!! The cup was dipped in chocolate. Delicious!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday

Okay I am a bad mom, completely forgot to snap pictures of Sayde before we went to church on Easter. So here she is after church at about 8:30 at night. I had to take some pictures even though Sayde would not cooperate. Next year I will do much better.

I don't think this even looks like my child.

A little Picnic Fun with the Knights

The other afternoon we decide to go for a picnic down near the mall area. We had a blast!! Sayde and Judah loved walking around in the grass. It was a nice get away from our apartment homes ; )) Fresh air will always do you some good.
Love this time of year!!! Sundresses, sandals, sunshine!!!

Nathan and Leah's Wedding

Just last weekend, Easter weekend, we got an opportunity to head back to Georgia for Nathan (Joey's brother) and Leah's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding! Sorry not may pics. There will be more come I promise.